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Lounge Bar

Le Magnetic

Come and discover the chic atmosphere brought to life by Julie Gauthron, a highly talented artist and interior designer. The concept of this lounge bar is inspired by the energy of the volcanoes, depicted in the form of luminous waves on the ceiling, and with nature taking over in the form of a plant-lined bar.

Le Magnetic bar is open to all throughout the day from noon to 11 pm.

In the afternoon, spend some quality time with friends or family over a delicious homemade pastry and a hot drink for a spot of teatime.
From 6 pm, take your seat amid a magnetic ambiance with a fine glass of wine or cocktail in hand, as well as one of our sharing platters.

Open: daily
Opening hours: noon to 11 pm

Telephone number: 04 44 05 01 34

Eventsand socials

Le Magnetic bar is also the place for a number of events and activities, including after-work jazz sessions, wine appreciation classes, local product tasting evenings, themed evenings, spirit tasting workshops, and cocktail workshops.
Le Magnetic bar is also the ideal place to share your love of sports with others with screenings of matches. Take a seat on our 160 m² terrace that stretches out from our bar for friendly, sociable times!


tasty cuisine

How about continuing this moment of joy with a delicious meal in our restaurant? Here you can enjoy cuisine made with the healthy products ?